Taking Cryptocurrencies & propagating blockchain technology to the masses. CronuX takes the complexity out of cryptocurrencies and makes it easier for everyone to understand and use them.

What is Cronux!

We believe blockchain technology will progressively reshape and innovate the global economy.

Cronux helps individuals and organisations by facilitating learning about blockchain technology, while also acting as a vehicle to invest and diversify in cryptocurrencies. Finally, at cronux we consult businesses looking to adopt and work in the blockchain space.

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The core mission of cronux remains to drive the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies worldwide.

We do this by investing & creating a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio for individuals and organisations. Using proprietary algorithms and historical patterns, we select the most promising coins to invest in and store your coins for long term value appreciation using the safest cold storage methods.

At the same time, we provide tailored learning and resources such as our take on different cryptocurrencies, as well as on how to get started and invest safely in the ‘crypto-world’.

Let’s get started


CronuX is involved in organising on-ground events and online resources ranging from video courses to important industry news. Topics include getting started with cryptocurrency investment, as well as how to use exchanges and safely store your coins.

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Looking for a straight-forward and proven way to invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term? Click on ‘Learn More’ to find out how to become a part of our cronux managed fund, which has been active for over 2 years & generating continuous substantial return for our investors. We will estimate your risk profile and created a unique tailor-made portfolio.

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Are you a professional looking to implement blockchain in your business or working on a related project? We are here for you. Click on ‘Learn More’ to head over to the consulting section and get in touch with us. Our consulting program ranges to a per hour basis up to a longer contract work when needed.

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Our Roadmap

Q4, 2017

Beta-test CronuX investment platform & Dashboard. Shortlisting investors for the beta-test of CronuX fund.

Q3, 2018

CronuX blockchain as a service model (C-BASS) for corporates & institutions. Inhouse experts for ICO and blockchain implementation.

Q2, 2018

CronuX education platform launch. Education portal targeting Asian markets starting with Taiwan, China, Japan & South Korea.